Let’s Celebrate Onam; Without Mahabali

August 26, 2007: I wish all of you a very happy Onam. Whatever may be the legend behind Onam, I celebrate Onam since it is our national festival and I want to take part in the joyful moments of my friends.

Now, I’ll explain why I don’t want Mahabali back. His return to Kerala is affordable, but I never want Mahabali to rule our great India. I am saying this as I respect our freedom fighters and I am a nationalist. Please read this passage carefully without prejudice.

l’d like to mention the legend behind Onam in a few words here. Lord Vishnu, in the guise of a Brahmin boy, Vamanan, went to Mahabali and asked him to sign on a 1-2-3 Agreement, according to that deal, Mahabali has to grant him three steps (sqft) of land. The wish was granted and Vamanan covered the whole land with his two steps and then he came back to the King asking him where can he place the third step. The king to honour his word, offered his head as the third step. Vamanan pushed Mahabali ‘deep down into the earth’ (Pathalam[1]). Pleased by his honesty and generosity, the lord in turn granted him a wish that he requested, he could visit his kingdom and people on a particular day once a year. We will go to our subject now.

First of all, I strongly object any type of government other than democratic. Even though Mahabali was a good ruler, without discussing with people or their representatives, he gave “Pattayam”[2] for three sqft of land. It shows there was no enough funding for intelligence agencies at that time, that’s why they could not find the real intention of Vamanan. Such a non practical ruler is not good for a country. We can also infer that he banned communist parties when he was ruling us, otherwise they won’t allow for that 1-2-3 deal with Vamanan and protect Mahabali from such a tragedy.

Let us go to the legend again. During his era, it says, all people are alike. But the development of a country is through diversity. All are alike means the condition was that of a state of emergency. If we try to make all people alike we have to face the fate of USSR.

I believe his rule was not appriciated by people because nobody defended and tried to protect him from Vamanan. Also he has no enough military force to defend his country form such external forces. That is the reason he could not withheld from the 123 deal once he know that was a trap.

Again, it says in the legend that no one was false in speech. We all know very well that the words of media and “media syndicate” are not correct always. Then, if there were no false speech, he might have banned media and no freedom of speech during his rule. Yes, that is called the state of emergency. Do you want such a situation again?

Finally, it is clear from the legend that the condition of the country was worser than “pathalam” at that time. Otherwise, he could request something better from Vamanan as the wish, instead he preferred to stay in “Pathalam” for 364 days and a transit through Kerala just for one day. Which shows, he know very well that “Pathalam” is better than Kerala and he wanted to live there peacefully.

However I celebrate Onam and prepare a very good floral carpet called “Pookkalam” in my house. But it is not to welcome Mahabali/Maveli, but to welcome my friends. My festival is the festival of my friends and my country. So I celebrate Onam.

I am writing my views based on the legend I know. If you have any objection, you can voice your concerns in comments section. I hope you’ll let me know if there’s any bettr legend behind Onam that looks impressive and interesting.

Also we wish the present Maveli (our Prime Minister) will not be trapped by the 1-2-3 deal of the modern Vamanan (Bush) during this Onam season.

I am very sorry if this article hurt any of my dear readers. I know you are looking forward to the 4th part of “Summer in Hannover”. It will be published soon. Thank you for your Comments. Once again I wish you a very happy Onam.
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[1]- Pathalam = Pathalam is considered as some thing like Hell or Below the (deep down to) earth.
[2]- Pattayam = Authorization letter from government to keep the land property with a person.


16 Responses to “Let’s Celebrate Onam; Without Mahabali”

  1. Vinod Says:

    We all celebrate onam because it is our national festival. All legends made after onam, I think. I agree with you totally, there is no necessity of a backup of some leged for a festival. Festival is to enjoy and celebrate, not to memorize some tragedy that happened years back. You can celebrate onam without Mahabali but it is impossible to celebrate onam without a Malayali. That is onam, the festival of Kerala.
    wish you a happy onam.

  2. Anish Says:

    daa Happy onan

  3. Rashmi Says:

    Not correct
    Views of tiger about onam is not correct.
    The concept of Mahabali’s Kerala motivate us a lot. Onam plots in our mind the picture of such a beautiful time we have passed.
    Onam is not to memorize the incident related to 3 feets of land, Vamanan and Maveli, It is celebrating to remember the golden time when Maveli ruled us.

  4. ismu Says:

    Happy Onam.!

  5. Arun Says:

    Onam the national festival of kerala is just days away. Do you have plans to enjoy this onam in beautiful ‘Gods Own Country’?. Indian Tour Planners has introduced a one day celebration package for this onam in kerala. This onam celebrationpackage is arranged at a beautiful resort located in poovar trivandrum. Visit the page http://www.indiantourplanners.com/onam-celebrations-package.php to find out more.

  6. joseph Says:

    nice work

    actually the pathalam cud be better than kerala now

  7. David Says:

    You can not celebrate Onam without Mahabali because Onam is about the story of Mahabali. But if you would like to use the time of Onam to get together with friends only, you can, but that has nothing to do with Onam

  8. Raghunath Says:

    Dear Tiger, Why are you wasting your time by writing such wrong information on a holy belief of Hindus. What you gained out of it. May be you are paid to write such nonsense about a holy belief. If you got something enjoy. I challenge you to write such article on any other religion’s beliefs, if you dare. You may get more. Those who appreciated for writing above nonsence may tear you into pieces. They may not show the patience as Hindus. If you are sure that your statement can hurt Hindus, what made you write this. Read Ramayanam or Bhagavath Geetha. Your brain can be purified, if you understand it in it’s real spirit.

  9. Aneesh Says:

    Hey Rahul Onam is not the festival of Hindus but a festival of Kerala, before writing something it is better find out the basics of Onam.

  10. Aneesh Says:

    sorry guys I wrote to Raghunath not Rahul

  11. nkk Says:

    Your way of thinking is totally wrong !

  12. Nithin Says:

    It shows there was no enough funding for intelligence agencies at that time !!! Shit…i think you dont know the story correctly….don’t comment with out knowing ok….Mahabalis GURU already warn him before taking a decisions……Raghunath is correct MAN….ONAM IS 4 ALL but still its root is hindu religion…

    Hey Yasar can you write your next Blog ie EID without Allah… ?????

  13. Ajay Says:

    Eid cant be without Allah..Chrstmas or Easter cant be with Jesus..

    But Onam is not the same case..There are so many other Hindu festivals..We dont want to secularise every Hidnu festival..Did christians and muslims come to celebrate your Ram navami or Sreekrishna jayanthi or something else..??They are Hindu festivals only/

    But, Onam is only a harvest festival and its for all inhabitants of Kerala.
    It has nothing to do with your religion…That story is only a fairy tale associated with the harvest celebrations…Basically, ppl wanted to celbrate when the whether was good ad wanted to have a sadya when adeqaute harvests were obtained..dats all abot Onam….Hindus dont hav to make a ig deal about it…

  14. jolly Says:

    without maveli onam is incomplete. dnt comment on religious belief. it wil hurt all malayees.

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