Little Tiger Named “Eshaan”

We’ve been blessed with a baby boy on Boxing day-2009. Since then I was busy discussing with my friends and relatives to find a nice name for my baby. Most of them are happy to suggest ‘Eshaan’ (ishān / ഇഷാന്‍ ‍/ ईशान / ایشان ), saying it looks very elegant and beautiful. After carrying out a research on this word we (myself and Nashra) realized it is the best option and named our baby with ESHAAN. I’d like to share with you the outcome of the research on the word ‘Eshaan’.

In ancient Egyptian Arabic ایشان /ishān/ means ‘Directed to the right path'[1], some weak references like the sites in internet for Muslim baby names[2] say Eshaan, in Arabic means ‘Worthy’ and ‘in God`s grace’, but we can’t trust them unless they provide reliable proof.

Persian language uses ایشان /ishān/ as a pronoun (to mention a respected personality or a group in a very polite manner). In Hindi ईशान /ishān/ is often used to mention ‘the sun’ while in Hebrew it is used colloquially to mean ‘attracted by girls’.

In Sanskrit ईशान /ishān/ is quiet common which means ‘guardian of the North-East’. In ancient Hindu scriptures, the word Eshaan is used to denote North-East direction which reads Ishanya-disha (North-Eastern direction). According to Indian Vaasthu Saastra, North stands for prosperity and happiness while the East symbolizes knowledge and peace; Eshaan is a combination of North and East[3]. Thus Prosperity, happiness, knowledge and peace comes together in Eshaan. I think this is the reason Hindus consider Eshaan as the lord of Vastu Saastra. Root of the word Eshan in Sanskrit is /ish/ which means ‘invisible power that governs the universe’, the word ‘Eswar’ is also derived from the same root.

As a Muslim it is not a must to follow other beliefs for my personnel matters. However it is always a pleasure to know the name ‘Eshaan’ is equally favored by other scriptures. The motivation to name my son with ‘Eshaan’ is solely due to its Indian tradition and nice meanings in many languages/scriptures. I can proudly say we give a name for our baby that comply with Islamic culture and Indian tradition.

Combining the meanings in Sanskrit, Arabic, and Persian one can conclude the meaning of Eshaan as “A rightly guided respectable person blessed with prosperity, happiness, knowledge and peace”, wow! what great meaning – Thanks God. Our Lord! grant us in our offspring the jubilancy of our eyes and make us patterns for those who guard against evil.

Please see [4]
— — —
[4] I do not in any way guarantee or vouch for the accuracy of the information provided here.

34 Responses to “Little Tiger Named “Eshaan””

  1. Abdul Raheem Says:

    wow!! its sounds fantastic in all the way.. so my suggestion is to go ahead with the same.. May Allah, almighty bless him( your baby) in both world,which would start from his naming.

    Thank you

  2. dileep Says:

    YES. it is a good name. I like the name. Good to hear also

  3. Dhanya Says:

    Very good selection all the best go ahead

  4. Nishad Says:

    I agree
    nice name

  5. Mohan Says:

    good choice. bless him with it

  6. Prakash Says:

    Eshan is simply awesome!! GA

  7. Niyas Says:

    why you not take true moslim name
    from internet there is good names

    • Amjad Khan Says:

      What do you mean by a Muslim name do you mean arabic name? Well people before the Prophet had Arabic names also so Why do you call Arabic names muslim name? Islam is a universal Religion it’s not just for Arabs

  8. Yasar K Says:

    Thanks Niyas, Prakash,Mohan, Dhanya, Nishad, Raheem, and Dileep 4 ur comments. (above comments are the response to the survey) Also I express my special thanks to Sandipk&family, Jibu&Primal, Nijil, Haris, Bijilash, Arun, Rajiv, Siraj, Rahul, Rinish, Anitha, Khais, Rashmi, Ashraf, Delower for their contribution through email/chat, and my friends in my home town and relatives for their contribution via telephone.

  9. Aneesh Says:

    ithrayum gahanamaya gavshanamokke forst time kelkkukayaa. ennirunnalum nannaayittundu simply the best
    pine nee chilare sugippikkan ezhuthiya kaaryangal mattu chilarkku budhimittakum. I know your intention is clear pakshe ellaarum angane aakanamennilla.

  10. Prem Says:

    Many great people choose the name eshaan for their children
    few examples: Shasi Taroor, Raj Kapoor, and now Yasar 🙂

  11. Abhilash Says:

    Eshaan is the best option.
    I suggest to use “I” instead of “E” if you expect to call ഇഷാന്‍ .
    Eshaan reads എഷാന്‍

    • Sreejith Says:

      Hi Tiger (sorry cat!)
      Eshaan is a great name. Dont use I reading Abhilash’s comment.. Names starting with “I” look odd use “E” itself
      How do you read Emotion, English, Even, Eleven, Eject…. the list is too long
      Best wishes to Eshaan

  12. benson Says:

    heyy yasare, thts d one amongst coolest name, Eshaan.. i bet, he wud b a playboy types , whn he bcome a boy….

  13. Yasar K Says:

    Hi, Aneesh, Benson, Prem and Abilash…
    thanks for your comments

  14. Sajan George Says:

    The name you chosen is excellent.. Wishing a bright future for Eshaan…

  15. ആര്യ Says:

    All the wishes for “Eshaan”… Let him be your Eshaan…!

  16. Kailash Says:

    Thanks for the meanings of eshaan in detail. I named my nephew the same a few weeks ago.
    Best wishes for your eshaaan

  17. Nisha Says:

    Eshaan is definitely a cool name! I am sure he wouldn’t complain about it when he grows up. Hearty congratulations to you both! Do send me some snaps in my gmail account. Have fun with your adorable baby boy.

  18. Yasar K Says:

    Thanks Sajan, Nisha, Aarya and Kailash, and all whom I mentioned before. Wish you all a wonderful new year!
    Thank you once again

  19. Sameer Says:

    Eshan is a great name.. It’s the name of my son tooo. (2 months old). But, I named him Eshan (Only one A)

  20. Rahul Says:

    Thanks for the complete study on Eshaan. I reach here while I search a name for my son seems like a wonderful name.

  21. Deenu Nicholas Says:

    yea pleasing information

  22. raju Says:

    hi, having huge diffficulty finding the sources that you found – i am sikh punjabi and the name eshaan is what we want to name our baby boy but its coming up meaning desiring and wishing ! – i dont want him to be a day dreamer! i also saw references to gods warrior?! also what is the significance of one a or two?

  23. Afsal MHKP Says:

    i named my baby boy as ESHAAN.. 🙂


  24. K Says:

    my son is also called ESHAAN – BUT UNSURE OF SPELLING – ESHAN OR ESHAAN – I need to register his birth tomorrow…yikes!

  25. Karate Says:

    Eshaan Sharma (Karate Kid) of Kanpur U.P. (India)

  26. Aslam Says:

    I am also looking for a baby boy names, in which I have selected this name ‘Eshan’. Can you give me the exact meaning in arabic

  27. mom_eshaan Says:

    Assalamu alaikum. I too have named my son eshaan. Can you give me the source for the meaning of it in egyptian arabic?

  28. Vive Says:
    Its the name of Vishnu and Shiva as suggested in the wikipedia link

  29. shaikh Says:

    we too named our son Eshan born on 9th september 2010..Alhamdulilah the meaning u combined is excellent and Alhamdulilah my son has all d quality. . I pray to Allah Swt to guide him to the right path Ameen…

  30. panduari21 Says:

    awesome great post in here…

  31. eshaan bahri Says:

    the best name in the whole world is Eshaan

  32. Abuthahir Says:

    Hi guys, On wednesday (i.e on 18th November 2015). I too want to name my Baby boy as “ESHAAN”. Can i go with this name, bcoz some websites confuse me like that is not relate to Islamic name. Plz reply.

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